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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Jul 21, 2009 7:47pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Attn Gerard Arthus


I am a Aspie like Edison, Bell, Einstein, trouble communicating verbally locally i have a following with my letters to editors, I always got a different way of looking at things, but few locals know it takes me hours to to a 250 word letter, but then, maybe if the letter writers took hours too, they would have following like me.

Anyway, its us Aspies that work in the back rooms, others speak for us. think politicians

But I am burnt out on copyright, I got to scanner idea next. And check my own records for postings to a NZ restricted news group for advocates, I often write about Human Rights.


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Poster: garthus Date: Jul 21, 2009 8:03pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Attn Gerard Arthus


You should post all of your letters to the editor; I think they would be a nice addition to the archive.

Late night for me, wish I would have stopped in NZ when I was in Australia.


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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Jul 22, 2009 1:09am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Attn Gerard Arthus

I already upset lots of locals with my support of the cell towers, but rather than the letters, the content would become a document on its own.

But, I already risking upsetting the world with my cell tower views, you will know you only ever hear from the protesters, one tried a attack on me in the local paper, with a letter, mocking my web site (Its locked down currently) she left herself wide open, she attacked me because I had a web site, and she identified it, (not that I cared) which made a bit of money, which I donated to cancer, (supposedly victims of cell towers) she gave me the excuse to put her name on my web site as a supporter, thanking her for the free advertising. I made sure she found out, never heard from her again, and her name stayed there and everybody knew I supported cell towers, ergo, she did too.

I thought she might moan to the editor, if she did, she lost out, as I had already emailed the editor reminding him of a little known law, that she herself, with her letter to editor, had herself put her name into the public domain.

She was protesting cell tower provider 3, been in limbo since January 09, but I also completely destroyed her argument with my letter of reply to editor, along with thanks for the free advertising.

Every idea, is sorted out in my head within an hour (my photographic memory helps with research) but then, it takes hours and hours to get 250 words, but I get extra on a good topic, sometimes 350. Just recalled, next Tuesday I have a letter in defence of provider 3. It might surprise the protesters, because the other two locations are a long way from me, and there I am defending the one in my back yard.

I bet the protesters are getting ready to call me a hypocrite thinking I wont defend on in MY back yard.

NB, considering how much RF radiation a cell tower down the road puts out, how much RF radiation does a cordless phone base unit inside a protesters home put out? No protester answered that.

Anyway, not sure I am doing too much defence this time, I already have said heaps, but I don't want to been as a hypocrite, so I am already gearing up.

Peter, I suppose putting my defence arguments on the archive, would balance out all the stuff on the WWW the protesters find, to use against cell towers. And supporters can use my arguments in their areas